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We deliver products around the world!

Want to ship outside Japan? No problem! Just purchase your suria products through our online shop and use a delivery forwarding service to get it there.

How to use overseas forwarding services




Select the forwarding service you want and complete the necessary registration procedures.


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Purchase your goods through the suria online store.Enter the shipping address specified by your chosen forwarding service in the purchase form.


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We’ll ship your items to the designated forwarding service address.


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Once the company receives the package, they’ll forward it to your address outside Japan.

Our overseas forwarding service partners

Get items purchased on Japanese online shopping sites shipped almost anywhere in the world. Tenso is the most experienced forwarding service in the industry and offers a wide variety of shipping options, including EMS, airmail, SAL, and surface mail.

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Low fees starting at just ¥300 make it easy to use our handy overseas forwarding service. You can even get combination shipments that include multiple packages at no extra charge. Packages can be held in storage free for up to a month as well, so take your time and shop away!

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  • This page provides information about our delivery forwarding service business partners. suria will not be held liable for any problems customers experience when using other companies’ services.
  • Each delivery forwarding service has its own preferred payment methods. Please consult the specific delivery company’s website for more information.
  • If you have any questions about a specific overseas delivery forwarding service, please contact the delivery company directly. suria online store might not answer your question regarding oversea shipping.
  • Please note that suria takes no responsibility for any problems that may occur when using overseas delivery forwarding or delivery proxy services.
  • The shipment of certain products overseas may be prohibited. (Contact the overseas delivery forwarding service you are using for more information.)
  • Items prohibited from overseas shipping may be specific to certain countries. Make sure to check your country’s regulations in advance before using overseas delivery forwarding service.
    Japan Post country/region-specific information
  • Please note that suria online store for overseas does not accept cash on delivery.